21 August 2018



Why choose Cook Islands? We quizzed the tourist office

In the latest instalment of Travel Secrets from the Red Chair Peter Stephens and Clemmie Harvey are joined by Andy Price from Cook Islands Tourism to explore the underappreciated tropical charms of the Cook Islands.

With the Rugby World Cup just around the corner it’s the perfect time to highlight what a great Pacific stopover the Cook Islands is. If you’re heading to New Zealand for the Rugby there’s a good chance the Cook Islands is about to emerge as a tempting addition to your itinerary!

The key to the Cook Islands unique appeal perhaps lies in their remoteness. The Islands remain mercifully untouched by the less appealing side-effects of mass tourism and visitors will find none of the huge resorts that can blight similar destinations. Instead, a genuinely peaceful island escape replete with sparsely populated beaches and luxurious small-scale accommodation awaits your discovery.

In our interview Andy introduces us to some of the Islands unique charms, which we discover don’t begin and end with faultless beaches and emerald seas, there’s also plenty of amazing Polynesian culture to explore. Andy particularly recommends the buzzing Saturday market in Rarotonga, where visitors can shop amongst locals for fresh seafood and locally produced clothing and homeware. All the same, it can’t be denied that the Cook Islands’ main appeal will always be the fact that they bear such a striking resemblance to paradise.

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