21 August 2018


New York's Top Five Art Museums

Travelling exhibitions are not unusual in the New York art museum scene.

New York's Top Five Art Museums

Travelling exhibitions are not unusual in the New York art museum scene. One of the latest incarnations of this phenomenon is the BMW Guggenheim Lab. Since it will move to Berlin next spring, interested tourists should book their flights to New York without delay. While open, the lab will serve as a cultural centre hosting free films, workshops, and exhibitions that examine the modern urban atmosphere in major world cities.

Lest that sound too dry for some, the Guggenheim Lab also features interactive programs designed specifically for children, including "Urbanology," an activity that allows groups of children or adults to try their hands at city planning by moving oversized game pieces. After the Lab has moved on, the Guggenheim Museum is still well worth a visit, featuring impressionist and contemporary artwork in a curving building designed by famed American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Located in the Upper East Side, this museum is affectionately known as the Met and is by many accounts the most famous art museum in the US. Adults will appreciate the Met's collections of modern art as well as its prehistoric Egyptian statuary, including the Temple of Dendur, rescued almost 50 years ago from the rising waters of the Nile.

Family guides available at any information desk contain a roster of children's activities; these often include art lessons or craft projects, though many older children will also be fascinated by the regular New York tours that focus on a specific art period, such as medieval European painting. The Met's familiar façade has been a Central Park landmark for generations.

The Museum of Modern Art
Commonly called MoMa, this museum in Midtown Manhattan presents visitors with an in-depth presentation of the modern art movement from its inception until the present day. Family-friendly, the museum features gallery talks and workshops that are targeted at children aged 4-14 and their parents. The very nature of the art here is also accessible to younger visitors, as the perceived random and messy appearance of some modern art pieces makes art itself appear to be an activity that anyone can do.

The American Folk Art Museum
Also located in Midtown, this museum presents guests with permanent exhibitions, including the 9/11 National Tribute Quilt, and seasonal collections that focus on a specific type of folk art. The works on display here are often of the "craft" variety, showing visitors the more functional side of art. Focusing exclusively on the United States, this museum examines the unique contributions of American cultural traditions to the development of folk art in the New World.

The Children's Museum of the Arts
This museum, located in SoHo, helps children up to 12 years old explore the world through activities designed just for them. It is widely considered to be one of the world's best children's art museums and features a variety of "hands-on" exhibitions.

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